Like many of the Queensland’s continental islands, Marble Island was originally settled and developed in the first half of the 1900s as a pastoral enterprise.

A lone grave on one of the islands most picturesque bluffs is testament to the earlier generations of rural pioneers who have worked and lived on Marble Island.

In 1904, Iron Island, a small outcrop from the main island, was developed and mined as a source of iron ore which was shipped to the mainland for processing.

Marble Island has been passed down over the years through many owners.

The present owner acquired it as a sheep station in the late 1960s and subsequently developed it as a cattle property.

While the island no longer runs as many cattle, this development entailed a major investment to develop the island with basic infrastructure: an airstrip, many dams, cattle yards, refrigeration rooms, generator & working sheds, along with manager’s residence, owner’s holiday residence, and in a secluded area of the front beach is the ‘farmstay’ beach cottage.

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