Marble Island lies in the Great Barrier Reef marine Park’s warm, southern waters, 20km’s off the Capricorn Coast, mid-way between Rockhampton and Mackay.

Named for the abundant white and pink marble found locally, 800 hectare Marble island is part of the Duke Group, renowned by seasoned “yachties” as one of the most picturesque archipelagos on the central Queensland Coast.The island and its surrounding waters form a natural habitat for a host of birds and marine life,

and the island is a breeding ground for Australia’s green turtles. During August to October, the local waterways form a part of the annual migratory path for pods of whales and their calves.

The bird life is numerous and varied. From the majestic Sea Eagles soaring the skies over the peninsula to the beauty of Blue Winged Kookaburras and Kingfishers. The air is filled with the song of Bee-Eaters, Honey Eaters, Silver Eyed Finches and the occasional garble from the domestic Turkey groups that roam the fields.The Big Dam is home to flocks of ducks and many other species of water birds. You can hear the call of the Swamp Pheasant as it perches above its grassy nest displaying its lacy plumage. While walking you may startle Quail from their grassy haven as they scamper about your feet then disappear again. And at night the eerie song of the Curlew epitomizes the isolation that surrounds you.

And of course the deer & cattle. You should be able to spot deer anywhere on your travels around the island, while the cattle can be seen in the paddocks being used at the moment.

All this unique experience…. and within 3 to 4 hours flying time from Brisbane and Sydney.

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